White Men.

I don’t like the majority of them.  I’ll give you an example.  I was riding on the lousy light rail from sea tac airport system & I had the unfortunate experience of sitting next to about 4 white guys whose age ranged from maybe 20’s -30’s it was hard to tell because two of them were paunchy & PALLID WHITE(Get some tan will you) with shaved heads & made me cringe no particular reason I just didn’t like them.    

The one who was fat & had mutton chop side burns just wouldn’t shut up.  And men say women talk too much?   Him & his rag tag motley bunch were scum.  Reason I say this is there talk turned to their favorite opioids & how they preferred to ingest their drugs they made me SICK. The fat one with the mutton chops says that his preferred way to ingest opioids is to crush them up & snort them or rub it on his gums.  I swear I was afraid that he would pull out his stash & snort right then & there!  It has happened on a bus I rode once…EEEW!  They were 5 in all the one fat guy with some hair on his head & mutton chops, his other friend a lanky tall guy, then two other creep paunchy guys with shaved heads.    I now wished that I hadn’t of sat with ANY OF THEM I was so tired from moving out of my apartment so I just didn’t feel like getting up but I sure wished I had because I don’t like people who do drugs. I NOW understand why some people choose to stand at the doors.    The one ugly shaved, paunchy guy wouldn’t sit with me & I knew what that was all about too.  Don’t want to sit next to any black person.   Too bad I could’nt just say to the Motherfucker well take your ass somewhere else or get a car rental.   But you can’t really  say that.   They sure were gross!