My Rant About How Thoughtless People Are.

On a whole I’ve given up on humanity.  Seems like all around me are people who are emotionally stunted because they want to do drugs, stay drunk, and act a fool.   I miss the times many years ago when people where thoughtful.  And by thoughtful I mean thinking of SOMEONE ELSE!

Guess what?  I’ve never had anyone think of me ever!  Not my Mother of course she sure wants her birthday cards every year always with the expectations & talking about my dead Grandmother who has been dead for over 40 years.   I want to tell her to shut up about it already.   It’s never “your grandmother”  but “I miss Mother”,  Gee nice to know I’m not included goddammit!

I don’t have any nice things, I’m really lonely, and I feel that no one cares & I don’t mean in any sexual way either.   I want a person of QUALITY but what I see are a motley bunch of well I don’t know what these people today call themselves because they look tired (too much drugs) , have problems such as autism, Asperger’s which I’m forced to acknowledge & I’m struggling with my own issues.   I have a resentment how the autism & Asperger people get all the attention & support I’ve seen it, I had a college teacher defend an overweight kid who had it I know because the kid who was 20 something (yet rode a razor scooter) said he had it, but he was a jerk to me I couldn’t get him to pass me the assignment papers in class he would instead put the pile down on the table and it would end there as if I wasn’t there.    I just loathe this society.   Grown young men riding BMX bikes made for 12 year olds (cringe worthy) , a generation of young adults who are no more adult than a 13 year old.   And oh let us not forget that ever prevalent RACISM!  I swear the next person who calls me that will get a good dose of mace along with the transgression recorded on my phone.   I’m not letting anyone else get a free pass calling me that name anymore.    I’M TALKING TO YOU RACISTS you’ve been warned.   I will take it there.

Which leads me to this Valentines Day.   It’s a farce people.  No such thing as love.   Of course there is LUST!  Which after that is accomplished the person usually the man after he has lied & got what he was after is out looking for his next victim.  Give me a break!  It’s just another excuse to sell overpriced candy.  It’s not even a real holiday.   Most of you don’t understand love.  Let me break it down for you.

Love is caring for your significant other when they are sick, that means staying by their side, and not abandoning them.   No such thing these days because it’s all about “oh they look good” or “I want a problem free boyfriend/girlfriend”  when you are meeting someone it means that you don’t act desperate but that you get to know them & what they’re about.   THEN, you let THEM make the decision if the friendship will go further like a lunch date, a walk.   What love is NOT is immediate SEX!  No, no, no.    Big mistake.  That’s one thing I hate about this society everything is rushed.   People now a days act like sharks in an ocean grabbing, grabbing, for the best morsel that they can sink their teeth into.   Love however is nothing but one big illusion an oasis out in the dessert. 

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