I Just Don’t Understand….

Some people who broadcast their personal business on a public bus.   No really I just got off a bus were a not so bright grown man talked about having served a six year prison term.  Thank god he didn’t say what the crime was & I was surprised that he didn’t.   See, I feel that you just shouldn’t do these kinds of things.  

Then the man talks about his half way house yada, yada,  yada.   Americans sure are getting more dumber by the day.     I rank that up there with all these men & women getting tattooed all over, getting their earlobes stretched.      I just don’t understand that at all.   Grown men riding skateboards, grown men wearing super tight girly looking pants.   If these are the sign of the times I’d rather stay stuck in the previous years trends.     It’s just not for me.     I also don’t understand men that sag their damn pants.   Whats that about?   It’s NASTY, low class.   America has sure gotten so sloppy.   I just don’t understand