Pros & Con’s Of Riding The Ferry + Other Annoyances.

It’s a fair assessment that I loathe the state of Washington.  It’s not a very nice place towards Black women.    In fact its only gotten worse.   I had to commute from my temporary home out on the peninsula to take care of some business & oh boy I could make a list of snooty people already from the nasty bus driver with attitude to the Starbucks counter person who almost threw a hissy fit because I asked him to heat up their over priced sandwiches.  I have an idea Starbucks since you get your panties in a bunch provide the damn micro’s I’ll heat it up myself.   Everyone I’ve said it before boycott Starbucks they suck! I needed to eat something to take an advil for my knee I have a degenerative condition its in the family gene’s.

Then I get sneered at by a group of teen’s of a certain ethnic minority who LOVE to look down their nose & HATE on AFRICAN AMERICANS.   I won’t say the nationality but they seem more hateful than any Whites that I’ve encountered.   OMG they were so disrespectful I had the unfortunate experience of riding the same bus that they did.   When it came time to get off the bus, guess what those brats did?    They timed  getting off the bus right when I was just about to pass the door THEN GOT OFF directly in front of me all five of them!  The bus I had been riding on was one of those long express line busses that are electric they have them all over the country.

F**Kers!   People please!   I can’t help what color I am but please knock off all the hate!   Actually it isn’t Whites I’m concerned with now but another group who seem intent on just wiping all of the black race off the planet or at least doing some bodily harm and the frightening thing about that is they just don’t care.   I’m not making this up  the certain group I’m referring to have that much hate in their heart.  SO glad I’ve gotten out of Renton WA.  and at least I’m  living in the more tolerant Peninsula coast were it’s just a little more mellower.

Which brings me to riding the ever odious Washington State Ferry.   Or WSDOT as it is more commonly known (WashDot).   I was very mad, hurt, and I just felt all around disrespected especially by those high school brats who were a menace .  I had decided to stay out on deck to just watch the water and the people on the boat just got on my LAST NERVE!   And wouldn’t you know a bunch of rowdy very LOUD

And dare I say OBNOXIOUS women came out taking picture after picture on their stupid iphones all the while I’m not standing that far away & the deck is not that big and one other thing there was another small deck directly adjacent & a few feet away were those odious women could’ve went to but no they had to be were I was .  Well I got there first & I wasn’t about to move so I stood rooted to the spot!  Then there was the WOO-HOO!  ( that sound is sooooo stupid grown women mimicking Homer Simpson is pathetic)  and they were screaming it seemed right in my damn ear!  I kept my back to them & I put my fingers into my ears but they didn’t give a damn.   I handled the whole thing pretty well because I can tell you that the old me would have definitely gotten into a fight with any or all of them.  They were out there for a while, but you know what?  I didn’t budge!   Those bitches wanted me to move I’m certain of that.  But I wanted my view & to take in the water as the ferry sailed AND I got there first dammit!

I have rights.   And next time I need to bring EARPLUGS.

Missed Out On A lot, Now Need To Make Up For Lost Time.

I’m not pretty, I have been described cute I guess.   But it bothers me that not many have seen me as an object of affection.   I’m pretty selective and I’ll continue to be because there just isn’t anyone I remotely like or anyone that appeals to me.   I just don’t want to settle for anything that comes along.   If I remain alone so be it.  

I’m so hoping that with me working on my weight I’ll attract someone I like because there are so many I don’t like.  Most go against what I believe in like for example I don’t like anyone that spanks their children.   Deal breaker for me.   I like certain types I like a person who loves adventure, is independent & not NEEDY believe me I can smell it on a person a mile away!  I also hate whiners example: I said hello & she didn’t talk to me.     Here is a hint…..MOVE ON!

I’ve never been in love nor have I been in an intimate relationship.  Yeah its sad to tell you the truth the opportunity never came up.   I came close to meeting some one but basically it played out like this the person really liked me relayed this to someone else & I was never told about it so I could have took some action.   People are trifling & jealous like that.   That’s happened to me a few times BEHIND MY BACK!  Betrayal at its best.   It’s incredibly difficult especially when you see everyone paired up or with their families that’s when you really do feel the lonliness!

Please Stop Calling Me The “N” Word. Treat Me With Dignity.

Greetings.   I just want to say that I deserve to be treated with dignity.  Dignity & respect.  What that means is that you don’t necessarily have to like me or even agree with me but I expect you to treat me with the dignity I deserve.
What’s odd to me is that I go out of my way to be courteous to others but when it comes to say the shoe being on the other foot then it’s usually rude, mean, even racist.   It’s why I won’t associate with certain groups of people, I’ve even blogged about that on here, because I’m tired of it.

I have a zero tolerance policy on verbal, physical abuse.    Nope.   If your that way than you can hit the road.   Understand?  Because I’ve had more than enough of that.   I want people who love & appreciate me.   No users or people who suck all the oxygen out of room either.   I want nothing but caring healthy people.  So were are they?

Follow me on Instagram

Well I only opened it yesterday so there isn’t much on it.  I don’t like Facebook & I’m still looking for an alternative to it.  FB is superficial, like high school online.

I will get a pic posted when I know how to do that.   Because I don’t know how to post a pic online I’m ashamed to ask how to do that & I don’t want to look dumb since everyone knows how to do that.

Music I listen To.


Here in the Pacific Northwest I listen to a rock station KZOK FM.  I don’t like all of the songs played but here is what I like:

Queen – Long live Freddy Mercury all their songs

KZOK does the breakfast with the Beatles every Sunday which is quite good.  I got into listening to them while I served in the military Fort Carson.   Anyone know of the Paul Mc Cartney conspiracy theory?  You’ll need to look it up for yourself.   My favorite is Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band.

Jefferson Airplane – I only like one or two songs from this band one is called White Rabbit  Grace Slick sang the hell out of it when she performed at Woodstock ( look it up on YouTube, gives you goose bumps)

I just can’t get into heavy metal like AC DC or Metallica or those others it just doesn’t move me.

Heart – The Wilson Sisters who hale from the Pacific Northwest

Janis Joplin- Favorite songs: Summertime, ball & chain  I hate how she died so young .  In my opinion she should have grown to be an old woman at least until she turned 50. I have my suspicions about the way she died.   

That’s it for my list I’ll probably be adding to it.  But music sure helps with depression, and any other problems one might be going through in life.   When you listen to good rock music you forget for a time anyway all the worlds problems like homelessness, people living in tents, drug abuse, crime.   I grew up in a time when there really wasn’t a lot of this going on like when I was a young kid.   Sometimes my friends I just wish I could go back into time & leave !   I really miss previous decades.

Talk about diverse I’m now adding the song “Fly Me To The Moon” by Frank Sinatra.  Actually I like a few of his songs.   Dean Martins “Ain’t That A Kick In The Head”  is a favorite as well.  

Updated March 25th I also love Jimi Hendrix live at the BBC recording studio.  It’s great songs he recorded in session.  The one song ( well there’s many people) its called “I hear that train coming”.   I think that’s the name.  There just hasn’t been a man since who could strum a guitar like Jimi.   My opinion.

And have you seen his gravesite?  WOW fantastic a true monument to the man.  Located in Renton Washington where I used to live if your ever  in Renton go to his gravesite at Greenwood memorial park.   Or if you can’t come for a visit look it up online.   I am disappointed his music isn’t played as much as say Pink Floyd ( not a favorite band) so I’ll need to buy his music online.