Support Group Meetings NAMI Don’t Help.

I don’t think that I ‘ll go to anymore.  I’ve been to five and they suck!  The few people that bother to show up are so depressing that I want to hang myself.   I don’t much like that.   

Then, there is always one needy person usually a guy who won’t leave & lingers around when everyone else is cleaning up & packing away all the mental health literature.  These meetings aren’t intended to be therapy.   It’s stated right at the very beginning .   I was highly peeved by one guy the one who loitered around instead of getting in his car to leave because there weren’t that many of us just four to include the facilitator, when I wanted to help the facilitator put away the massive amounts of mental health magazines & other literature into the plastic containers, I asked K. if she needed any help.   This guy starts in with putting away the literature.  Jerk.   I really wanted to tell him to just go away.   Guys support group meetings aren’t someplace to pick up a woman, if you want to do that go to a bar not a support group meeting.     

Here is another weird thing the weird guy did.  Once he got outside of the church were the support group meeting was held he didn’t even go to his car!   His car was parked but the guy was no where to be found.   Both myself & K.  were wondering were he went.   Want to know why?   The support group meeting was held out in the boonies.   There wasn’t anything out there but a lot of trees in all directions.   There weren’t any other cars in the parking lot except K. and this weird guy.   That kind of gave me the creeps.   See this is why I hate co-ed meetings.   Guys are just so weird at these support group meetings because they don’t go for support they go to pick up women or to stalk them.   This is the last meeting I’ll go to.   Sorry NAMI but the meetings are plain AWFUL! The meetings just do NOT help.   An like everywhere else to include those 12 step meetings you get weirdos & creeps.   If NAMI gets a womens only meeting I may go again.   But until then forget it.