I Have My Own Place.

I’m out of that disgusting transitional house the one for veterans that are homeless.   Where the men are disgusting, looking for girlfriends , and never bath!

Where there was one loud mouth queen bee who got on my nerves, and were the cafeteria food was real disgusting.    I’m so glad to be out of that place.

I think that I may have wrote about how bad the housing is here in the Pacific Northwest of Washington.   So it’s not a stretch to say that I have a nice apartment one bedroom, I am out pretty far from Seattle.    And my rent still is 1,025.00 monthly.  I live in a brand new building but the area is filled with a mixture of homeless, and druggies their not hard to miss.    At least there are some trees to see.

Getting moved into here I had to depend on a senior resident employee which I didn’t like very much.   Part of the perks of living at this place that was way out on the Peninsula.   However the guy was a bit of a well I want to be nice he seemed like he wanted to put me through changes.    Here is what I mean for example:   The guy who drove me to my new place had asked me why I didn’t talk to a certain guy who I guess was REAL interested in me ( yuck).   I guess the guy who liked me was real “stymied” that was the word used by the senior resident guy driving me to my new apartment.    

Here is my feeling on it.   I choose who I want to be with, and who I don’t want to be with.   And just because a guy comes up to me to introduce himself?   It doesn’t mean that I am obligated to like a man back.   This is something that the majority of adults SHOULD KNOW!   especially the older you get.    And a homeless place?

This was my 2nd stint of homelessness.    Now in my new apartment I feel pretty good.   

I’m now on the road to getting my life together.   Being a woman in 2018 isn’t easy.   Being a single woman who wants only the best in life is even harder.