Hate The Month Of June

Two things I hate about the month of June.    If you don’t like it well that’s too bad.  

Fathers Day


My Father all he ever did was cause deep hurt & pain on a psychological level.   He was no man.   More of a little boy that occupied a mans body.   He just simply never grew up.  And he was hen pecked.  If you don’t know what that means look it up.   My Father passed away in 2006 and although I did shed a tear or two after awhile I grew to just loathe him because he seemed as dumb as a post never giving one iota of thought to the hurt he caused me & my Mother.   Court custody battle.   Now you have an idea of the pain.   I won’t talk about that because I’ve already covered it in previous blogs.   Don’t miss the SOB.   Fathers out there you all need to do better & not hurt your kids.    Your kids need a man, not a little boy.

I hate pride.   That is a pure farce.   Basically the LBQT or whatever letters of the alphabet is pure cut throat through & through.   I know I have experienced it for many years.   There ain’t nothing nice about that community.

The men I’ve found are pretty cool.  The women are mean, will stab you in the back, lie on you, will give you a dirty look,   I could go on & on.   I no longer like any of them.   I’m beginning to wonder are there any nice women out there?    I’m burnt out by all the meanness, sarcasm,  and the bullying.    Then in my case I seem to attract the desperate types the ones who you meet ONE TIME and they follow you around like some lost puppy.   Had one show up at my place of residence, I wasn’t friends with her….NOTHING! She found out where I lived because the woman & myself simply shared the same carpool, I don’t own a car and that year I was volunteering for a conference.   I will now find my own transportation if I do volunteer again for a conference or event,  it was all I could do not to slam the door in her face.

What was the last straw for me was on TWO occasions I had a person I thought was my friend LIE to someone else about me thus ruining any chance I might have had to make a true friend that might have led to more, here is a tip ladies other women get REAL jealous  & what better way to eliminate the competition than to make something up about you thus you now have a lost opportunity that’s gone forever.    Oh and let me not forget  how racist most of these women can be.  

I want to be with whoever I want to be with regardless of race.  But you get some women who don’t like that, and quite frankly in the words of Rhett Butler I don’t give a damn either.   

I ain’t feeling pride whatsoever.  In fact I think that a good movie at home OR taking a solo trip to the local islands here in Washington is preferable to the degrading show that this so called organization will be putting on display.  There’s no dignity in that parade whatsoever.