Parents Make Sure You Communicate With Your Kids About What They Do In School.

What’s up everyone!  I’m not doing all that great, however I got the writing bug and I just had another memory from long ago in my memory bank that just came up to the surface as I was trying to play a computer game.    SCHOOL.   In particular the public school years.

When I was say 9 years old so about the 4th grade I was attending a very LOUSY  public school in good ole Los Angeles California.   It was in Los Angeles County and that’s the extent of the description.   The school which was & I think still is 98% black had the worse rate of how the teachers taught the kids.   Here is what I’m talking about , I’ll give you an example.

It was someone’s bright idea to pair up kids in the classroom I was in with other kids who were struggling to read.   Which isn’t a bad idea except for just one problem.   It’s not the kids job to insure that kids LEARN TO READ!  IT’S THE TEACHERS JOB !   So this was how it all played out.   I had to play tutor to someone who was struggling with their reading.  The problem with this was:  I WAS 9 YEARS OLD!  Although I was reading at a good level I was cheated out of an education for ME!  I’m NOT in school for someone else to learn, I’m there for MYSELF to learn.

Okay , what your probably wondering is why didn’t I speak up?  Here is why:

  1.  I was being beaten physically on an almost daily basis
  2. I was being intimidated by a step Mother on an almost daily basis
  3. I had ZERO and I mean ZERO self worth which no one bothered to teach me.

It took me all these years to figure it out.   This is what the government does to the public schools ladies & gentlemen.   They don’t care about your children in public school, so make sure that you do or better still enroll them in private or a charter

Because teachers all they seem to care about is their damn paychecks!  I speak from experience.   What public school has gotten me is unemployed, and a lifetime of grief.    Thanks teachers.