For Women Only. The Cold Hard Truth About Out Here In The World.

Now what I’m about to write may make some men angry , if it does then stop reading and go to another page please.   This blog is by no means a representation of ALL men out here in the World only a fraction of some in how they treat women.  I have to write about this because it seems to me that people are blind to what goes on for us women and I’ll include all women not just ones of color.

Today , I went for an appointment to see a counselor.   My regular one was out sick so I was stuck with an intern.  Aah mental health interns they need way more experience!  Especially when it comes to the  White mental health interns.   I was explaining to the clueless intern about my many times that I’ve faced discrimination in employment mostly by men.

  Now the men I’m referring to were of the same ethnicity & worked at a non profit agency that was supposed to help people struggling to  get on track to employment and a better life.   Didn’t happen for me I’m afraid.   And I did all I could to make my appointments.  These guys either couldn’t or wouldn’t help me.  SMH I’m guessing they wouldn’t.  Just plain didn’t want to. I remember those subtle baleful looks I would get.  I gave those guys NO REASON for such treatment.  A lot goes on behind a closed door.  When your just one person in the room how can you prove any maleficence?    Well I have a theory one is discrimination and I didn’t warrant such treatment from someone in power.   Basically a subtle form of 1 part discrimination 1 part bigotry by well groomed men in crisp white shirts with a tie.  I mean hell they didn’t care they got a paycheck whether they helped me or not.  However, when I referred a friend of my Mother & myself to the agency with the same two bourgeois ungentlemen this woman did get A JOB!   (shaking my head)  .     Wow!  Yes the evil men actually helped my friend gave her a referral to be interviewed for a job.  Don’t really understand why they helped her , but not me.  The woman did have kids & was married.  Or perhaps I just didn’t act ethnic enough.  Who really knows.  Yes women if your a woman especially of color and have a good command of the English language THAT might get you discriminated because then the men seem to have some sort of an inferiority complex.

This particular non profit agency is now BANKRUPT! which I’ m not surprised due to the shady activity which I suspected them of.   Basically women my sisters when trying to get your life together nothing takes the place of good old fashioned EDUCATION.   Go to college!  Network from the University or people who’ve attended them.

Because men could care less.   Unless you sleep with them that is.