Going Postal!

So I’m at the Post Office today to mail an important document to get on van transportation,  these days I don’t trust to mail anything important to certain agencies due to well…..a lack of trust.

While I was waiting, and trust me YOU WILL WAIT at the post office since that place has had many cut backs to staff you all know this already, it basically sucks to go but I needed to mail this out so what are you going to do.    

Two women where ahead of me then went to one of two post office women ( woo-hoo 2 women!?)   that were behind the counter.   The two women who were customers were purchasing stamps in bulk.   The woman the postal employee ran down the price of stamps & asked the 2 women how many they wanted to purchase.   However one of the two women customers was getting real irate saying “Calm down, Just a minute I’m thinking”!  in a tone that was really rude.   I was watching this thinking to myself that all the woman needed to have done was just ASK the employee to repeat the question instead of just barking at the employee.  It had occurred to me that the postal employee was very good at figures and was probably going too fast for the slow thinking women.  That’s okay the customers needn’t have gotten offended.

Well it only got worse from there the woman who was in the bad mood started raising her voice escalating the whole thing (over a bunch of stamps? really?) she was yelling then as she was leaving she called the postal employee a bitch!  

Myself & others waiting in line all at once chimed in.  I said something like “Hey, that’s not necessary”?  I said Hey something.   I didn’t like her tone. 

Here is my suggestion.   The post office in 2018 sucks!  Like going down to the DMV.   Make sure that your up to the task mentally trust me I know what I’m talking about for I had to really do a mental inventory hours before leaving my apartment! and this was in addition to getting all my paperwork together to mail out .    

You want to know something funny?  Someone in the post office line had said that the angry woman was getting married & that she was getting the stamps so that she could mail out wedding invitations.  If I was that Groom or whoever she was going to marry I would RUN!  This is just not a good sign.   I mean if something like a bunch of stamps set you off then what else might set you off?   Someone could use an anger management class.     This is why I don’t like most people very much.