Now it’s my turn to talk about the women.  They can be SO MEAN! Which is why I don’t have any friends in particular women.   Let me give a recent example: Today while I’m waiting for my cab to pick my up from grocery shopping.

As I was waiting (not a favorite thing to do) a young Mother carrying a baby was walking out of the store.  But here is what I noticed, she cut her eyes sideways looking at me, then she laughed.  Guess she was crazy, however I felt that was somewhat mean.  This is what I usually have a problem.  Women always seem to want to bring other women down a notch to make themselves feel better.    How do I know this?  Well I actually knew a woman who was or still is I don’t know since I don’t talk to her, she actually said in a 12 step meeting that this is what she does so that she can feel better about herself.  And she was ALWAYS, ALWAYS mean to me over the years and yes it hurt like hell!  Do I forgive her?  I don’t know my trust is in the toilet as far as people goes.   I believe the worse in everyone.   It isn’t good.

Hey,  I’m not Mother Theresa.   I’m wounded.  But women they don’t really get along very well with one another NOT AT ALL!   And!  that includes Mothers they don’t seem to like nor get along with the Daughters very well.   Son’s are a different matter Mother’s love Son’s.   Daughters are always seen as a problem or harder to raise than Son’s.   Its true.   

And today watching this kid toting her baby around something else occurred to me.  Perhaps with carrying this baby THAT BABY MADE HER FEEL GOOD about herself.  Some (not all) Females tend to have babies just for that reason.   The ones that lack self esteem that is.   So not a good idea that’s my opinion.   I never had children.   And how could I?  Beaten on a daily basis, raised in complete chaotic environment between two sets of parents that both remarried has still messed up my mind to this day.  I often wonder why I’m not in jail, a heroin addict, or dead.    

But for me it confirms that people just aren’t real nice.  And I don’t expect them to be.   Back to the survival mode of retreating into myself.