I Hated Public School

Don’t know if you relate but I hated school when I was young.   I was never really popular but there is one traumatic memory that came up while I was staying up late.   I don’t sleep much about 4 hours every night.   I’m severely depressed a lot due to the usual, a Mother who is unstable and I live isolated.

I remember when I was in the 9th grade I had some friends who lived on the same block.   I thought that they were great.  However one day they stopped talking to me altogether and didn’t seem to care that it hurt my feelings.   That hurt worst of all.   Girls seem to be like that.   And I couldn’t talk to my Mother because she was unstable as far back as I can remember I didn’t trust my Mother & I was too uncomfortable to open up about this painful event.  Plus my Mother really didn’t seem to take an interest in anything I did.   

It was very traumatic for me I can tell you that.  My trust was destroyed.  I had to run into those cretins at school everyday and they acted as though nothing happened now as friends we hung out laughed, had fun.   Once when they came into the library I was at the library checkout desk so when you came into the library I came into the full view.  Those cretins saw me yelled really loud “oh my God” laughed hysterically, then turned around and left.  I really don’t know what that was about but those assholes really hurt my feelings.   Cretins.   Guess they weren’t raised in how to treat others or the Golden Rule.    I don’t care if it was middle school because I’ve met some really nice kids in middle school and they were great even when I acted goofy around them ( I miss those days)  I felt accepted & liked.

As far as I’m concerned those two sisters were the most ignorant I had ever met.  The teen years are horrible when your not popular and I certainly wasn’t.   Every middle school girl should be paired up with a mentor.   Really important.  Never spoke to them again.   I think that they still live in the same house.