Please Don’t Match Make!

Through the years I’ve had casual acquaintances try to fix me up with people.   Everyone out there in cyberland, don’t do it!   Match making almost never works.

I know that some people mean well, but trust me it just doesn’t work.   Oh, and before I tell you another story whatever you do do NOT set someone up on a blind date!  Those can be disastrous I’ve heard somewhere that there are those 1 in 100 chances of blind dates working out but in my case  no not really!

Okay, let me tell you a story.  Actually I might have blogged about this before.  But since I have something like over 600+ blogs on here I’ll blog about this again.

Back in 2008 there was this couple who befriended me.  I thought that they were nice however it turns out that they had an under lying motive, to fix me up with their single friend!   I don’t like for people to fix me up!   Now I’m poor but I don’t like the charity case when it comes to fixing me up AND I like for someone to talk to me first before you decide to even consider pimping me out!

I hung out with this couple, they invited me over to their house for barbeques, we’d laugh, have fun.  I didn’t think anything of it.  There really wasn’t anything out of the ordinary.  This was in my 12 step meeting days.  However, when we went to meetings their friend always would just happen to show up.  Then I would get introduced to their friend which honestly I was there for the meetings not to get introduced to anyone.   I’m not into meet & greet I hate them in fact they’re not my thing.   I’m pretty laid back.

I guess that the person was too shy to approach me which I’m glad never happened.  I don’t know people have way too many expectations when it comes to meeting anyone.   Here is my suggestion : Let things happen naturally, don’t expect much.   Not much at all.   Don’t pay a whole lot of attention if you like someone really focus on yourself.   There aren’t many that I will  even pay attention to at all these days because I just don’t have the time.  I have a lot of things personal things going on anyway.    Adults some act like Middle school pre-teens when it comes to having a crush which really gets on my nerves.

As I’ve said I like things to run in its natural course.  If you don’t understand what that means research or buy yourself some self help books to read about relationships.   But what I don’t recommend are those 12 step meetings those rooms are worse than the bar scene and sometimes a whole lot more dangerous.   Women have gotten killed.    Your not safe there.   When people stop drinking then drugging the next thing is they want to do is to get laid.  I’ve felt the sexual harassment in the 12 step rooms which is why I no longer attend.    I will continue this at a later time.

I’m getting tired.     Alright I’m back.   In conclusion the person in question got real desparate at the end of one afternoon meeting.   There was a fight between two women inside the meeting hall.   I panicked and couldn’t get out of there fast enough.   Well guess who was hot on my heels but this thirsty person ( slang for desparate type of person who is too anxious to meet someone) flys out of the meeting room yelling  loud enough for the whole the county to hear “I want to talk to you”!  really loud.     Well did it ever occur to the person in question I did not want to talk,   I wanted to leave.  

People no one wants a desparate person.  No one.   I’ve been alone for a long time

I don’t act desparate.     There is a saying of course it’s not one I coined.   And that saying is:  “If it was mean’t to be, then it was mean’t to be.  And trust me that hot mess coming after me was not mean’t to be.      This goes out to a reply I got yesterday.   I write what I’ve experienced.    Period.   If you want to write about your good experiances with AA go right ahead & do so on your own blog.  

But for me those 12 rooms house some people of a questionable nature.   I’ll give you a  example of a meeting I went to.  It was on a Friday night a woman who had 7 years of sobriety spoke and she said something  interesting that I never forgot.

And what she said was: “you can be straight, gay, lesbian your not safe in these rooms”.    I know what I’m talking about.    And not just that there is another blog site on WordPress StopAA  13th stepping I believe it’s called were there are a lot more horror stories of women getting raped!   Thankfully that has never happened to me because I know to steer clear of toxic people.    However what if the person is persistent?    And like what happened to me I’m walking out towards my Mother’s car (she was picking me up after a meeting) when this person screams my name CAN I TALK TO YOU and comes running towards me acting desparate.   Hey I never went back to that crazy meeting or any other meeting.   Oh & don’t get me started on Bill W.   

AA won’t improve until the main headquarters starts making some by laws then instilling them in each & every meeting.    Because there are predators, needy, clingy types not to mention the scores of BPD disordered types.   This has been addressed & brought to the main headquarters attention.  However they choose to sit back & do nothing.