Those Drag Racers!

Todays topic?  Drag racers & how I loathe them!  Here’s why.   Today as I’m heading out of the grocery store I am walking across a big lot on the stores property to head to Walgreens a block over.    Now as I’m walking I must pay close attention because the cars go every which way in the parking lot, often the cars will cut across much like a kid who cuts across someone’s lawn.

Well, as I was crossing I have a habit to notice my surroundings, I’m a woman who travels alone.    I notice this one car an Asian model I’m not sure what it was, the windows were tinted and what does the simpleton behind the wheel do but DOUGHNUTS right in the parking lot!   If your not familiar with what doing doughnuts are the best I can do for you is to go on YouTube and type it in.   Or if your old enough to remember the Tom Cruise movie Risky Business you’ll see a scene where he does doughnuts in his parents Porsche ( this was a very early T.C. movie).   Witnessing this scared me because I have PTSD and I just wasn’t sure if there might have been something more sinister at work.   I left my last apartment pissing off a very angry non white gang member/drug dealer so hey one just never knows.

A few seconds after that, another car came onto the lot typical young punk he had his window down so I got a good look at him.   This punk was driving a beat up Asian model car & he also floored the accelerator doing those idiotic doughnuts!

I think boys who do this are really stupid!   What I would like to tell them if I could is:   “Hey Paul Walker is dead”!   or “Your not Paul Walker”!   I love the late Paul Walker but ever since those stupid movies Fast & Furious came out every knuckle head wants to be like Dom & Brian ( The movies characters played by Vin Diesel & Paul Walker).    

So over to Walgreens I walk, I get to the store to place my call for the cab when what do I notice but a drug transaction going on behind those machines that charge up the electric cars!   Gee, who knew that the electric charger machines had such a multi purpose use 😦     I don’t know about some of you but seeing ANY drug transaction makes me nervous & on the borderline of a freak out here’s why friends:

Drug dealers are always packing…HEAT!

Drug dealers will sometimes LOOK for new customers and they are known to give that first hit for FREE!   It does happen friends I ain’t making this  up I had it happen many years ago to me as I was  coming FROM a 12 step meeting , riding the bus home, it was early in the evening there been a BOY  not more than 13  dressed in expensive Micheal Jordan gear including sneakers offer me free yes I said FREE CRACK!  on the bus.   Of course he called it by it’s code word which is ‘SOUP’!

I politely declined, but he was persistent & so was I.   I smiled a mechanical smile of “No thank you” before he retreated to the back of the bus.    Can’t afford to get hooked on that shit or even try it!   I have an addictive personality I don’t drink occasionally I smoke a cigarette.   But that stuff or any other stuff would kill me

LORD!   I need to get out of this awful Southend town!   It’s an ARMPIT of a place!