I AM NOT A Codependent!

And please remember that!

If your having a bad day, don’t take it out on me.   If I’m trying to help or make a suggestion I’d rather not hear a snarky sarcastic irate type of response like the one I received today from a grumpy middle aged driver picking me up.   It is up to YOU to keep yourself going & in good spirits because remember I’m working on me!  I don’t deserve your rudeness.

I’ve suffered much in my own life and I really don’t have time to worry about you.

If you don’t like me, then I could care less because I haven’t done anything to you, I would suggest that whatever is bothering you that YOU take care of your own insecurities, irate feelings or whatever negativity you have all on your own.   I am not your codependant I’m not your Mother.   

I had an incident happen were a grumpy ass middle aged woman driver snapped at me.  I suggested she put on her report the incident she complained that she didn’t know where to pick me up.  So it’s my fault you got lost?   I refuse to feel bad about this woman.  It’s a fair assessment to say  I didn’t much like her.  Being on that van with her driving I felt like I had eaten something that didn’t agree with me.   

I don’t much get along with people who have insecurity problems.   Hope I never get her again.