Manic& All Alone How I Hate My Life

I’m at the height of rage right at this moment.   I hate this time of year.   I have no friends.

I have no partner and trust me I hate women these days so I don’t want one.   Men are even worse, wished I could afford a pet.

I’m so mad I see couples.    I see people driving around in nice cars.   I have no one to talk to cause no one understands.    It really sucks to be me right now.   Don’t know what to do either.

At least I get SOME comfort in knowing that someone at least bothers to read my blog.   Because I feel that it somehow validates me as a human being.   Because

Right now I don’t feel like much of one.   Dogs live better than I do.   I get tired of all the stereotyping, the hate and I do get that let me tell you.   I can’t seem to get that through some peoples thick heads just how hateful living here is.    Just last year I had a hateful incident happen and the woman was NON WHITE which makes it so bad.      I hate how everything is going.   I suffer more each day.   And I just don’t know what to do.