Trying To Figure Out My Career Path.

Okay for those of you who love to judge someone who maybe unemployed, what you really need to understand is the circumstances behind it.    For me in particular I’ve had no one who took any amount of time whatsoever to help me.   Understand?  I had no clue and it’s not like I had any kind of road map.   For a Black woman that road is a whole lot harder.   I had depression issues, manic depression issues and just about everyone & anyone didn’t care it’s as simple as that.  Add to that a Parent that passed away and I was basically set back!   In my journey, and let me tell you my journey was filled with not just speed bumps but land mines and all the while I’m getting your garden variety hate from your garden variety bigots yes that Racism that loves to rear it’s ugly head!!    I understand why incarceration rates among Black & Brown women are astronomical, Native women too.   I am looking on the employment website called I found a particular job that I think that I could be well suited for except it would call for me to study business which I’m okay with & learn another language I’m really smart heck I could probably learn to speak a couple of different ones.  However what gets to me everyday is how little no one gives a damn on how I feel.    It’s been this way my whole life.   Childhood, teen years, Adulthood.    It’s like people treat me like I’m some sort of peaseant!   or worse.   The oppression is horrible in this Country sometimes I feel as though instead of 2018 it’s like 1958!    It’s for that reason my one dream is to OWN my own business and although I don’t know how I’m going to do that it’s what I’m going to do!    Because let me clue you in on something:   I’ve never been treated fairly on any of the jobs I’ve had.   Hey, I can’t afford  to not face the truth the supervisors I’ve had were awful!   To give you one example and I’ll put this company on blast, I worked at a plastics manufacturing plant located in Ballard Wa.   I worked in the Clerical department were the woman supervisor was such a bitch.     I came in one morning to say “good morning”   She snapped at me “what have you got to be so happy about”?    Here is something I’ve noticed especially with some supervisors when you have a good attitude your slammed, if your angry it’s “see those blacks are always angry”   I ain’t making this up people.   Damned if you do damned if you don’t!     I wish I had that White privilege because being a Black woman is exhausting.   We’re placed right at the bottom .    We’re considered low, no one cares about us just check out the video I’ve pasted on here if you dare.    It gets worse still.   See when I grew up especially in California I didn’t have these kinds of problems.   I grew up in the 1970’s now it seems hip to hate.   No one gives a damn about Black women.    Don’t believe me go Google Charleena Lyles! and Sandra Bland just to name some.  For over 30 years trying to find employment, I get mean cold glares, volunteering at a place like the Life Long Aids Alliance nothing but prejudice.  Nothing like being treated like the lowest worm to build you up right? and this all happening LONG before Trump took to the White House.