For Women

This is for the women on how to basically stay safe.   As I write this it is early in the day.   Having just came from around the corner at the local convenience store I had a possible encounter with a creep who came out of an area full of foliage on the upper lever of the street were cars pass.  There were trees + foliage.   As I was walking I kept my eye on this guy, who by the way kept looking at me.   This guy walked ahead of me, but then all of a sudden HE turned around which mean’t that he possibly would have been walking behind me.   I simply did a counter move which was I stopped dead in my tracks to get a better look at what the guy who came out of the bushes was doing.    Low & behold I was right he WAS BEHIND me, and he was acting all nervous.   It was right then that I KNEW that he was possibly up to no good.   The move I made I learned from watching a spy movie a true life one at that.   This is one of the many tactics actual spies learn a counter move which is exactly what I did.  I just casually stood & sipped my latte watching the guy continue on down the street.   See women you’ve got to be on your toes out here cause people are looking for MARKS or TARGETS!    And this was 11:30AM  not at night just so you know.    Stay safe & stay sharp.