Got A Bone To Pick Again.

You Bourgeois  Families Please Practice Some Tolerance…REALLY I’m a Great Person IF You really take the time to stop with the intolerance!

 Thanksgiving!   That wonderful holiday where you get to sit around the table enjoying the family & friends…….NOT!   I don’t have that.   SO this year I volunteered my time at a Catholic Church soup kitchen serving the Thanksgiving day meal.    I had fun.    However I was a bit peeved by the behavior of a White Father who was having a panic over his little girl who was hanging up (or trying to she was too short to reach the hook on the wall) in a substandard area at the top of a stairwell.    It just so happens that I was in the same cramped area digging around for a pen to make notes.    Since this was my first year doing this volunteer work ( because in previous years I always seem to miss out due to there already being enough people to volunteer and I wait till the last minute.)   So this year I was able to volunteer.

Getting back to the overcrowded stairwell.   The little girl who was White & maybe 10 or 11 was struggling to hang up her coat.   I would have helped but in this day & age  I think not!     Well the little girls Father was all in a panic he yelled from the kitchen “Sarah you come out of there”!  Meaning the coat area.    I happen to be in there too.   I immediately noticed the panic in the mans voice.   It bothered me.   White men please stop acting nervous you all love to jump to conclusions over us Blacks.      I plan on having a discussion with the director over this issue and I know exactly what I will be discussing.   White Fathers if you are this nervous why bring your family to a homeless soup kitchen to begin with & just celebrate Thanksgiving at your home in Suburbia?    I also now know that I was the ONLY black person male or female who was among the 35 volunteers at the soup kitchen.   I know for a FACT that White men despise Black women.    I’m not stupid.    I tried to talk to my Mother but she cut me short as usual to say that she had to get back to her cooking.    I’m so sick & tired of how I’m treated and it’s going to end here.   I have a very awful feeling that I may end up like so many other  Blacks.