Christmas Sucked!

Spent it alone,   you all out there just don’t realize just how good you have it with your friends, the person you lay in bed with at night, family.   Basically you make me sick.   I don’t have any of that!!   And I know that you all out there don’t wish to read something like this.    Too bad.   I f I could I would smack the taste out of your mouth. 

Nothing like spending A Christmas day alone to drive yo literally INSANE!   Bluntly!   I understand why people jump off of bridges, I really do.   Because this is a World that JUST DOESN’T CARE!!    But hey you all could care less because you think that it can’t happen to you right?   Let me try to express to you exactly HOW I FELT!   If you even care which I know you don’t.

It is the MOST hollow feeling in the whole wide world.   Your depressed ( and I take meds and have for 3 years) when you have no money its 1000% worse.    You all are so selfish do any of you even think to send a Christmas card to someone who IS ALL ALONE!  But of course you don’t.   You could care less.    People like you I hate!   You really do NOT think about someone who is really hurting do you?   Please take at LEAST SOME time to think about this.    Now excuse me while I lick my ever festering wounds:(