There is this mens movement its MGTOW and it stands for Men Go Their Own Way. To me this movement seems every bit misogynist and I’ll tell you why. I’ve been watching YouTube regarding this movement, and from what I get from listening to this poison is that women are to blame for everything wrong with a man. Women want money from a man, women do this & do that bad. To sum it up women are bad people. As a female I take extreme offense to this! I’ve been on this earth a very long time. I grew up with a Mother who was sweet, kind, and a true woman in every sense of the word. But gradually she was physically & mentally beaten & controlled by a man who was in EVIL! I was witness to this as a child. Women are treated very unfairly in this world! To me the way in which women get treated is beyond reprehensible! Not only do women actually die e.g. get murdered by abusive Husbands that’s just one way ( and THE reason I NEVER wanted to walk down the aisle) but women get treated unfairly in the job market, women earn less (way less) and always there is the discrimination, sexual harassment. I know only too well because you know why? I’ve experienced it! ALL OF IT! I know how men are. Men treat women like pieces of meat! So this MGTOW can go to HELL!

There is a lot to men that women need to know the majority not very good. And basically before any woman commits to any man the woman should get the man checked out very thoroughly. Having grown up watching my own Mother get used, abused, and then made a fool out of not to mention not get her fair share of money after her divorce taught me many things. And that one is you can’t trust men.

Hate Seattle!

Okay so there is a snowstorm and Seattle has lost its mind, its like “what do we do were in a snowstorm”! I haven’t been able to do anything which is frustrating because I want to get to my vocational rehabilitation appointments that will help me get back on the road to being employed! I can’t do that without major help as I suffer from chronic mental illness which has been a barrier my whole life. I have no family support that sucks, so no one to check up on me, sucks double! I’m even deprived of the trash tv during the day ( when I don’t feel like watching the MANY dvds from the library) because there is endless blather on the news about the SNOW!!!!! I have been trying to make myself as happy ( not happening) or have the situation be bearable as possible by watching British TV on dvd. If there is anyone a fan of Midsomer Murders please hit me up & CONTACT ME! I would love to have a conversation. My readers from the U.K. I do get some from time to time contact me. I had a fight with Mom over the phone telling her how unhappy I was when I was a teen living under her roof. Don’t know how it came up I guess I was tired of pretending how everything is alright which nothing is alright with me ( I suffer) then when we first spoke it started with how her neighbors shoveled her stairs (she has many that lead to her car) and she went on & on about how nice that was. I was too depressed & resentful(because I couldn’t go out to take care of my business) then I somehow got on topic about there are no nice people & how I really haven’t experienced enough of it in my life and for any extended length of time. I have had one online friend show me kindness but I wanted more than what she could provide online friendships don’t do it for me, I need physical friendship. I then mentioned how depressed I was as a teen. And I didn’t even bring up how she would scream at me or threaten me with violence I intentionally left that alone & did not go there. As a rule one should never mention to a parent that abused them how sad their kid was because most parents that abuse their kids never admit to it later in life that is if your lucky enough to survive & not land in trouble once your older. I think its called gaslighting (google it) So that ended on a bad note.

That’s it for now. I’ve been living on pasta, instant ramen and cream of wheat. Most unbearable.