I WANT The Hate Towards Me To Stop!!

I’ve reached my boiling point with how I’m treated. I’m going through a lot people. Back in 2017 I will call her a 2nd generation ( or perhaps undocumented) immigrant scream racial slurs at a former apartment which I still have not gotten over. I’m so tired of the LGBT community whining how no one treats them with dignity. I am sick to death of them its why I’ve disavowed having anything to do with them any gay women & working solely on myself. That community is dead to me now. If I were given an opportunity I’d tell them be glad that they aren’t a Black women were everyone hates on you. I have a dream to one day live outside of the USA forever. I want to spend my last days in Switzerland. I hope to reach that dream. The Pacific Northwest is the most ugliest place.

However since I have moved to a new apartment further South it seems bearable.

Another update: My Mother is in ill health & hospitalized. Pneumonia for anyone that reads this will you pray for her?

I’m so upset & sad that I’m breaking out in rashes all over my body. It’s not fun. I haven’t had this happen since I was a very young girl of 9 when rashes were all over my body and oh how those kids made fun of me at school.

I’m doing terrible. I need a friend, and lots of prayers.