Where Are My Equal Rights?

I get so tired of the damn propaganda going on for a certain group! When I as a Black woman since the time I could walk have been treated, beaten up, exploited, degraded and no one talks or does a story about me. Want to know my story? I live in poverty right now. Over the years I’ll go through my early adult years all I’ve experienced were sexual harassment of every kind. Wow I never hear about this on any media platform! It has really done a psychological number on me. Guess what? NO ONE has ever taught me a damn thing on just how much I would be loathed, hated, and treated like a sex object and WHY you might ask? The color of my skin because some people don’t get past the skin color ladies & gentlemen they just come to a very prejudiced, skewered view on women of color. It’s true whether you’d like to believe that or not. I can back that up with actual facts on a future blog if you’d like, or you can visit some blogs I cut & pasted on the treatment of Black women. Up to you.

I’m at a point in my life were its still hard! I’m treated like I’m invisible well HELL I’ve always been treated like that going all the way back to my Middle School days and it didn’t stop! When your treated like your stupid or when your intelligence is in question by those in authority ( same thing) I’m sorry but no one is strong enough for that UNLESS TA DA!!!! Someone believes in YOU!!!! That’s right folks. And I tried hard. But trying doesn’t seem good enough in this bastardized world of ours. I’ve been in the military told I should be barefoot & pregnant among other major insults I’ve heard!! I was pretty much degraded. Didn’t stop there folks once I got out of the Army I was still treated like I didn’t matter. Oh what a fun life I’ve had NOT!!!!!! Couldn’t really find suitable employment. I will give you one example of what I went through. In the 90’s I attempted to visit a non profit agency that helps to get people working. Called Center for Career Alternatives. The CCA seemed like a good choice. However once you got passed the main reception area it was a whole nother story altogether. The men who sat behind the desks were impeccably dressed but I felt that their attitudes were extremely of a judgemental nature odd still they were of the same ethnic background as myself but that doesn’t make much of a difference since these guys hate black women even more than non Black men ( Truth). I didn’t feel welcome, but I sure felt a whole lot of COMTEMPT coming from the way that they would look at me! It was a look of anger mixed with hate. Basically no help whatsoever from these idiots & I made the effort to go a few times to give them a chance which was more than I could say about THEM! What I found interesting though was there was this associate of me & my Mother who was in the same boat meaning she was looking for work. I was being nice & told my Mother to refer this woman to CCA. Guess what happened? THEY GAVE HER THE HELP & the lead that led her to her first job & she is still with the company many years later. There is no difference well I mean she was knocked up at an early age , I wasn’t but perhaps the more of a hard luck story you have then the more chances you will have to get help? What do I think major UNFAIR and discriminative! Because I did have such a TREMENDOUS difficult journey throughout my adult life, but no one gave zero fucks about me. When it comes to my life I really don’t have any equal rights. So don’t tell me about discrimination & of not being given a fair chance and please I don’t even want to hear about how because you sleep with someone of the same sex its the same as being a Black woman because it is NOT! the same.

On yet another year I tried the Goodwill Employment & training program. Very, very big mistake. I arrived at the orientation a few minutes late but not much. When OH BOY the woman who was a heavy set black woman ( I am also black) sought to humiliate me right in front of the damn class! I felt so embarrassed ( the Pacific Northwest is really weird it’s why I hate it here so much) She was mean! I had to throw that one in there. I now just stay to myself. I do that because I’ve really never known a kind word from anyone…EVER. The apartment I live in the tenants are okay but that’s different. That’s superficial. I’ve been around a long time & it really looks like I’ll never find those good quality friends! I don’t like the desperate ones who want to latch onto me either because I don’t like people like that. I want smart, confident types comfortable in their own skin and I sure haven’t met that. I really wished I would have made better decisions in my life like going to a military academy were I believe I could have met the right kinds of people in my life, however I didn’t have ANYONE that showed me ANYTHING on how to progress in my life so I could have met the right kinds of people. Childhood was a nightmare I grew up around the most toxic adults imaginable! Now I’m surrounded by equally toxic adults w/o an opportunity to meet a more healthy type of people in a much more healthy environment! I’ve needed that for several years. Hasn’t happened yet!