Dear Mr. White Man That I Met At The Renton Starbucks

Hi, Do you remember me? You Mr Old Geiser who so callously walked up TO A TABLE I WAS SITTING AT and you aggressively snatched up a booklet

that was sitting on the table where I was sitting talking on the phone ( with the crisis center) I had two bags of groceries I placed onto the table. YOU came over then you SNATCHED a booklet with all the flourish of an academy award winning actor all the while giving me the most DIRTIEST look saying very rudely “I reserved this table”. And some of you White folks say we Blacks cause trouble? Seems like it is the other way around!

Didn’t handle it well. Obscenity city coming from my mouth. Followed by the good ole middle finger. Hope one day grandpa gets his due! I have a feeling that he will. At least I called him a Bastard.

This must be the week for mean men. May you all play in traffic.

Jesus may love you cause I sure don’t.


Dear Mr Insecure White Man In Fairwood Renton

Hi, remember me Elroy? I was walking by with 2 bags of groceries in route to send a fax. But guess what boy? The construction truck ( or whatever the heck it was ) was blocking about 3/4’s of the very public walk way. But what do you do while your bullshitting with your buddy sitting on the tailgate of the truck? You cut me a side ways glance out the corner of your eye for whatever reason! Really Opie? You stopped your jawing, I mean running that sewer of a mouth long enough to blatantly throw me some disrespect. You don’t own every damn of public sidewalk. I have the freedom ( or so I thought ) to go where ever I want okay? I realize over in Whitey town you don’t see very many people of ANY COLOR! But its about time that you learn that people do come in many colors. This isn’t the 1950’s Bubba it’s 2019. Women work, we are single and from the gene pool I’ve seen we stay single much longer than expected & that’s okay. Try to have some tolerance. This goes out to you Opie. Learn to be respectful & tolerant and if you don’t I’ll remind you.

Have a nice day & go have a beer for me.

Women I don’t Understand What Makes Some of them so mean.

More issues. This time women & how bitchy, mean, bullying. And I am so sick & tired of you. Sometimes I wish I could give the majority of you a good smack because some of you get on my last nerve! I had my newest landlord scream at me over the phone and why you ask? Someone had defecated on the lobby vestibule then urinated. I was the first to discover the mess on my way to go get my Mother breakfast up the street. If that isn’t bad enough today I’m at the Winco discount grocery store shopping. I finished up early, when what do I see but a couple of women one of which was probably showing off to her girlfriend, she sees me waiting with my grocery basket I’m inside the grocery vestibule waiting for my pick up when she does an obscene gesture very openly which I found offensive. Gay women would it kill you to show a little respect out in public because not everyone shares in your sexually graphic & disrespectful display of humor or whatever. This is why I don’t like them. Now I’m so enraged because I’m tired of the lack of manners, lack of class, hell lack of everything!

Listen it doesn’t take a rocket science to PLEASE show your fellow man and woman some modicum of decency. If you have personal issues I suggest that you deal with them like a grown up instead of traumatizing an innocent bystander. We all deal with personal issues. What really gets under my skin is when people are such BULLIES ! I as a female am real tired of this. Here I am a grown woman, I’ve dealt with so much SHIT! dealing with crazy ignorant types eg: Con artists, the crazies, etc. please go

take care of your business because no one else should have to deal with your toxic emotions! This is why I stay single. I’m really convinced that there is no one very sane. Time to arm up with weapons, learn martial arts. This is the straw that broke the camels back.

Beware Of The Scam Artists!

Hello. I want to address an issue here on the scam artist or the hustler. They are the kind that con you OUT of your hard earned money. Their scams are as varied as Baskin Robins 31 flavors! I say this because these are smart people they gain your trust. Most of you out there sorry to say are not very street smart and most people are just way too nice & trusting. Gullible is the word. There was an incident out were I live were two big hulking young boys ( or young men) were standing right outside a grocery store holding up a sign saying that they’re raising money for their Football team. The two men were standing outside a well know grocery chain ( of which I will never shop there again due to the shady people).

I was somewhat irritated. Here’s why:
I go to the store to shop, not to be conned by scammers trying to make a quick buck. I felt that is what happened right outside the exit after I was finished with my shopping for groceries.

I feel as though these con artists are violating my personal space.

I called the store manager to report them because to me what these two young men were doing just didn’t make any sense, what I mean is there are many other ways to fundraise I know I’ve done them when I was in high school, but not only that, ANYONE can say “I’m raising money for my school” people lie! People cheat. But mostly people lie. The store manager said that it was alright with her if they did this which was stand outside the exit of the grocery store begging for money to (supposedly) raise money for their schools football team ( Riiiiight) she didn’t seem to care. But here is where I had the problem, what I felt the manager was doing was basically saying that it was alright for the two young men to scam people and that was just not acceptable.

I felt that something was so wrong with these two young men holding up signs asking for donations. First: there is the website GoFundMe, another is getting some people together & throw a car wash, have a bake sale ( you can buy Duncan Hines cake mix at Dollar Tree) This just didn’t pass the smell test.

I have another example. Back in the 90’s I used to see crews of young boys usually led by an older man selling poor quality candy out on street corners claiming to send under privileged kids to camp


Raising money for the boy’s basketball team. And what these people (usually the older leader) would do is to buy a case of cheap candy at the Dollar Store ( I worked at a Dollar Store) then once that was done distribute the boxes of candy to the crews of young boys were they would of course sell at a higher markup! I was onto this scheme. And this was done for months during the summers up on Capitol Hill in Seattle.

People don’t be so gullible when some young kid ( or possibly a young man) says we need to ask people for donations to raise money for this & that! Start getting suspicious . . What it is is is a huge scam out for your hard earned money. You must be vigilant. I was accused on a website called Yelp of being non supportive to the youth in the community. . I’m not very interested in the youth. But what the youth need to do is to show intiative, as well as put in some amount of work to LEGITAMITATELY EARN money for whatever they need! When I see what I saw at that grocery store about 2 months ago I was angered with those 2 guys who were out to make a quick buck & too lazy to actually work. No one gives you anything!