Women I don’t Understand What Makes Some of them so mean.

More issues. This time women & how bitchy, mean, bullying. And I am so sick & tired of you. Sometimes I wish I could give the majority of you a good smack because some of you get on my last nerve! I had my newest landlord scream at me over the phone and why you ask? Someone had defecated on the lobby vestibule then urinated. I was the first to discover the mess on my way to go get my Mother breakfast up the street. If that isn’t bad enough today I’m at the Winco discount grocery store shopping. I finished up early, when what do I see but a couple of women one of which was probably showing off to her girlfriend, she sees me waiting with my grocery basket I’m inside the grocery vestibule waiting for my pick up when she does an obscene gesture very openly which I found offensive. Gay women would it kill you to show a little respect out in public because not everyone shares in your sexually graphic & disrespectful display of humor or whatever. This is why I don’t like them. Now I’m so enraged because I’m tired of the lack of manners, lack of class, hell lack of everything!

Listen it doesn’t take a rocket science to PLEASE show your fellow man and woman some modicum of decency. If you have personal issues I suggest that you deal with them like a grown up instead of traumatizing an innocent bystander. We all deal with personal issues. What really gets under my skin is when people are such BULLIES ! I as a female am real tired of this. Here I am a grown woman, I’ve dealt with so much SHIT! dealing with crazy ignorant types eg: Con artists, the crazies, etc. please go

take care of your business because no one else should have to deal with your toxic emotions! This is why I stay single. I’m really convinced that there is no one very sane. Time to arm up with weapons, learn martial arts. This is the straw that broke the camels back.