Dear Mr Insecure White Man In Fairwood Renton

Hi, remember me Elroy? I was walking by with 2 bags of groceries in route to send a fax. But guess what boy? The construction truck ( or whatever the heck it was ) was blocking about 3/4’s of the very public walk way. But what do you do while your bullshitting with your buddy sitting on the tailgate of the truck? You cut me a side ways glance out the corner of your eye for whatever reason! Really Opie? You stopped your jawing, I mean running that sewer of a mouth long enough to blatantly throw me some disrespect. You don’t own every damn of public sidewalk. I have the freedom ( or so I thought ) to go where ever I want okay? I realize over in Whitey town you don’t see very many people of ANY COLOR! But its about time that you learn that people do come in many colors. This isn’t the 1950’s Bubba it’s 2019. Women work, we are single and from the gene pool I’ve seen we stay single much longer than expected & that’s okay. Try to have some tolerance. This goes out to you Opie. Learn to be respectful & tolerant and if you don’t I’ll remind you.

Have a nice day & go have a beer for me.