Problems abound mostly with some who hate each other of the same race!

I don’t know if this is the correct term but let me tell you what I do know. And that is there is some serious HATE going on between African Americans in this country. I’m going to address it between women. Yes it does exist.

Today I’m at the Walgreens to get a snack. I had no breakfast I’m pretty poor barely able to keep any food in the house. I go to get a bag of chips & a soda. I notice some feet away an older woman at the counter. That woman leaves, I’m thinking that she must have bought a pack of cigarettes and that’s that!

I walk up to the check out stand to wait & pay for my snack. The woman returns shortly after. She gives me the evil eye for what reason I have no idea, she then puffs out her chest like a rooster then she CUTS IN FRONT OF ME without saying a word. Next she cuts her eyes sideways! So it wasn’t really the fact this beast cut in front of me IT WAS THE WAY SHE ACTED! very disrespectful! She didn’t care. I stood my ground I spoke up & stood up for myself.

It got ugly. Voices raised we argued her disrespect of me continued she telling me to “shut up” me saying “no I will talk as much as I please” then of course she continued to talk about me to the cashier like I wasn’t there I spoke up too. Bullies especially those narcisstic types hate people like me who talk back , yeah this woman doesn’t care to just shut up. I understand why some White people get nervous but if I may say, to the Caucasion people we as African Americans get SO MUCH disrespect! Anyone remember my previous blogs of how I was screamed at and they were racial slurs of the ugliest kind I also had my life threatened I believe her words ( this was in 2010) were “I will cut you with my knife”. What a nice woman huh?

This makes me angry though that some men or women especially Black think that they can walk all over me. Sorry but that just ain’t going to happen.

Well that is not the end of the story. I left and I walked to a bus stop that was located adjacent to a busy & very public strip mall i.e. Starbucks, Panda Express, As I was walking parallel to Starbucks guess who followed me roaring down in the parking lot? her drivers door open, she is practically leaning all the way OUT of her car to yell obscenities at me. Power to the people you FREAK! Ugh! What a PSYCHO! Demonically possessed much? Sorry but when it comes to turning the other cheek? Well I have to work on that.

I have diagnosed chronic PTSD and no one has helped me either. I may not have served in a war campaign during my enlistment when I served in the U.S. Army but trust me when I tell you, what I’ve went through? Pretty damn major.

I will be looking into shopping online or hell going into the next county even. So that’s how I spent my Saturday. An added note. Please stop with the HATE! Stop judging someone BY WHAT THEY LOOK LIKE!! That is so very unfair, undignified. We all need to treat each other with equality! I’ve had this ugliness & discrimination from both Black men, Black women AND I am A BLACK WOMAN! WHETHER I HAVE LIGHT OR POLKA DOT colored skin just remember something and that is MY LIFE MATTERS DAMMIT!