I Escape To A Rich Suburb.

That’s right ladies & gentlemen. I just can’t stand where I live. Why? well there is the following:

Lots & lots of TRAFFIC! Seems I goofed when I moved to this particular area it is such a densely populated area.

Homeless people and it is a problem. Don’t know if you remember me writing a blog about how a homeless person defecated in the same building which I live. I discovered it one morning while I was going to get my Mother a breakfast sandwich when she was hospitalized. Freaked me the F**k out.

Obnoxious homeless people. I have nothing against being homeless. In fact from the time I was a child, I actually did sleep on the streets. What I have a problem is when I’m trying to buy a few grocercies to feed myself I encounter a man who does the obscene hand gesture to me in addition to scowling my way. I’m feeling like this, sorry your unhappy dude but man up & get a life.

Obnoxious people . I know that there everywhere however with gentrification rearing its ugly head its gotten real bad. People seem meaner more aggressive I notice it. I’m not being overly sensitive, its a fact. Case in point? The aggressive/obnoxious lady who deliberately cut in line in front of me at the Walgreens one block from my apartment. She was real mean. I wrote about it.

There is a library much closer to where I live but here is why I loathe going there.

One day I’m at a computer there is a vacant computer station right next to me when some young immature guys approach and for some reason that I can’t fathom the young guy who look like side show Bob from the Simpsons cartoon (skinny as a rail too) looks at me then says loudly “NAW’! Have to say that boy wouldn’t win any prizes, and I’m real easy on the eyes even for my age. Wow! What a jerk.

Some of the people who come to the library close to where I live look pretty scary. Case in point one woman who had hair so big and I mean she must have had about 10 years worth of hair growth or must have been sporting a wig it made me uncomfortable it was extremely HUGE both height & width.

I’m old fashioned I’m of the school were you should at least trim your hair and there are places to go for affordable hair care too. Can you say cosmetology schools?

So I go were I can relax a bit and don’t feel like I’m being exploited.

At this point I’m really trying to figure out my goals for the upcoming year 2020. My apartment lease will NOT be renewed and I’ll have nowhere to go.

God willing everything will work out because it sure hasn’t been smooth sailing at all!.

I Live In A World That Hates How I Look

This was triggered because I went onto Google to ask the question “Why Do People Hate Black Women”? And everyone Black women are hated! There is a published book on just such a subject that is on Amazon. WOW! and other groups say they get HATE? I’m sorry but people Black women get the worst of it. I saw it right there in the print. BTW people, there is a published book by someone who calls themselves T.C. Writer ( yep that is the authors name probably a pseudonym) the book which is for sale on Amazon website is titled ” I Hate Black Women”. Now to my knowledge there doesn’t seem to be any other books that are written about other women of color saying that they are hated. WOW!

Oh, and it gets worse when I scrolled down onto the Amazon page for the reviews of this book ( was so infuriated) I got to read stuff like: Black women are whores, Black women are hateful ( so untrue ) That your better off looking to other races for a quality woman. Reading the reviews made my stomach turn! I did report this review as being abusive to Amazon. I sure did.

But people let me step outside of myself for a minute to give you a rundown on myself who is a Black woman.

I was shy, sensitive, cried at the drop of a hat. However I grew up in a house marred in violence watching my own Mother get beat to a pulp constantly for any little thing! At 8 years of age I’m taken away from my lovely Mother who I just adored! To go live with a lame brain Father & his not so attractive Wife. He was like a child living in a man’s body.

Now everyone THINK about how that would make a little girl feel. To put it mildly I felt as though my insides were being ripped apart from the inside out. Add to that people I’m physically abused, molested, I’m being interrogated just like on those police shows with the exception that on those police shows THOSE SUSPECTS ARE TREATED MORE HUMANELY! I’m a child. And the punishments went on & on everyone. Being made to go to my room getting into bed, then drawing ALL THE WINDOW SHADES, put on my pj’s then GET into bed were I had to wait for hours until I could get out of bed. I could do nothing, no tv, no reading a book…..NOTHING! For me that was like jail! Some of you might think its not a punishment but when your a young child growing up in sunny California wanting to play with your neighborhood friends, trust me it is. Thus the stage is SET for life long depression were I can’t even get out of bed sometimes.

Now people I don’t write this to get on a soap box but I’m just sharing all of the most painful parts of my childhood to show you why Black women seem somewhat unhappy. Oh, and don’t forget Black women , black girls are SEXUALLY EXPLOITED I was since I was 10 or 11 years old sexually objectified I’m talking boys who exposed themselves lets just say they were of the same ethnicity a lot of them grow into men that really abuse women.

So what I want to know is are Black women being punished? I mean God forbid we should display any human emotion am I right? OH WAIT I see some of you would rather see us drop dead of a stroke or heart attack! Is that it?

I feel that the majority of society to include some of you men need to seek therapy & knock off all this misogyny okay? Stop hating on Black women.

Alright I get it! I’m hated but you know what? I’ll still continue to stand up for myself & God willing get married and guess what? Theres a flip side to that coin. I won’t be looking for someone of the same ethnicity! Remember the old saying when you point the finger you have three others pointing back AT YOU! Stay strong Black women. Stop the damn hate please! One last note & update Black women please stop hating on each other.

I’ve experianced it! Allow me to enlighten you with examples:

One year, I was young adult I was walking home early in the evening when a group of young women called me a ‘Ho’. My transgression? I didn’t know the directions to the Masonic Hall! Oh what a crime! (note my sarcasm)

Then TODAY June 20th 2020, I’m out early going to the store to buy groceries for dinner when I’m given dirty glares from two young African American girls who don’t even know me. My transgression? No idea but I’ve been getting this type of hate for much of my life.

It’s okay though, I didn’t bother smiling back! Up yours! As a Black woman in this God awful World you REALLY need a tough skin or else you DAMN well just won’t make it.