Young Fathers Please Be Mindful How You Act In Public

Today I set about on a quest to try to buy my Mother a snowglobe. Primarily a snowglobe with an angel in it. The last one which I purchased for her was the one year I worked at Goodwill Industries and it was purchased for a minimal price. She loved it.

Unfortunately SOMEONE ( perhaps her Husband I suspect) deliberately destroyed the angel snowglobe. While at Mom’s house one day I picked it up from her office table to look it over. Yep, the damage was done deliberate most likely she made a big deal of me buying it & how much she loved it. Now do you understand the type of family I have? It sucks. Men can be suck dick’s.

So today I’m at the Hallmark store, I go to the first clerk that is behind the counter and ask her if they have any angel snowglobes. The clerk almost gives me a blank stare like I asked her how to split the atom or something. The clerk simply says ‘this is all we have’ which in other words no they don’t have want I want. FYI Hallmark what kind of store are you?

So right to my left there is a young man who is with his young girls and he is barking to them ‘OVER HERE GIRLS’! nearly scaring me half to death although I don’t show it on my face. But I did look over to the young man to find a young man of another ethnic origin ( I won’t say which it was so I don’t get any grief) and he looked at me HARD! When I wasn’t even doing anything to him! I know the look. It’s the look of a hardened criminal. Trust me when I say that this guy? Had ZERO softness nor did he have ANY hint of a smile, slight or otherwise. I’ve been around folks I felt in my gut that this guy was indeed bad news.

Young men when your out in public please try to adopt some modicum of a soft public outward appearance. This guy, scared me. I didn’t like the looks of him. He certainly could benefit from social classes.

One issue I did have was his seemingly lack of manners and his very menacingly look. I approached the clerk FIRST. She was behind the counter. I felt that it was almost like he was trying to jockey for the clerks attention over me. Hey, one must wait their turn THANK YOU!

I already have severe issues with men. They seem to show zero respect for women. Men, please stop just thinking of yourselves. This world doesn’t revolve around you.