I was born in Los Angeles. My Parents divorced when I was two. Then that’s when the hell began for me. I grew up in a chaotic & unstable household Of domestic abuse. Then physical & emotional abuse. Teen years was pretty much the same. Never knew kindness or patience. I’m a mess current day. Trying to get my life together but I feel that no one cares or gives me excuses. I don’t receive any attention or love so I can’t give any back. I tend towards the mean side right now. Trying to get help. Not real crazy about people and I really don’t know if there is any hope for me. I am mentally ill with bipolar, depression, PTSD from the multiple abuses I’ve endured along with a racial hate crime and being a victim of a robbery. I need a good friend. I really could use some love & support. I would love to get it on here. As I’m one tormented soul. If you can’t provide that then I would like some prayers because I feel that I don’t have much to live for. I’m not feeling sorry its how I feel. I really don’t wish to live another day. Types of music I love:
Anything by Beethoven
Jefferson Airplane
Jazz by artist from the 50’s
Chet Baker
Miles Davis
John Coltrane
To name a few
Hate Hip Hop
And guess what? I’m African American. No sterotypes served up here!

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